Vivid hair color is super fun and sexy! Check out these vivid hair color ideas from some talented stylists. And learn how to keep your vivid hair color from fading with only two simple products.

Believe it or not, men think vivid hair is sexy!

At least, that’s what my husband says. He would actually love for me to do my entire locks in vivid colors.

Think about it…we are seeing vivids more and more. Look at all of the celebrities with vivid manes…Katy Perry, Rihanna, Avril Levine. Even Christina Aguileira has flirted with vivid colors.

I have always wanted to have vivid hair. Ever since I was in cosmetology school a million years ago, I’ve wanted “fun” hair.

Whenever I see someone with vivid locks, I think “Man, there is a bold, strong woman!”

So, this summer, I decided to be bold and add some fun, vivid “teal-lights” to my hair and I am loooooooooving it!

Check out these vivids from stylists all over the US.

Lynn Ouellette

Instagram: @theconfidentcolorist
Salon: Alchemy Day Spa
Location: Sarasota, FL
Fun Fact: When Lynn isn’t behind her chair at the salon or teaching color classes, you can find her on her mini farm cuddling her cows and chickens.

Kirsty Shoemaker

Instagram: @hairbykirsty
Contact: (619) 916-8501
Location: San Diego, CA
Fun Fact: Kirsty is a native to San Diego and owns her own private studio where she creates her magic.

Katrina Cahill

Instagram: @katrinashairstory
Facebook: @katrinashairstory
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa
Fun Fact: Although Katrina is often seen as an “edgy stylist”, her favorite hair to do is soft, pretty, romantic updos.

INsideOUT Salon

Instagram: @insideoutcares
Facebook: @insideoutcares
Location: Boise, ID
Fun Fact: INsideOUT Cares is a non-profit organization. The salon is part of their community outreach program to teach awareness about human trafficking.

Disclaimer: As a professional hair stylist, I do not encourage you to try this on your own. Go see your favorite stylist and talk to them about it. If they don’t do it, I’m sure they know someone who does. Trust me, as a stylist who spent the majority of my time doing color corrections for people who messed up their own hair, it’s well worth it to find a stylist you know, like and trust.

Alright, enough about why everyone should have vivid hair color. Let’s talk about HOW you can keep it vivid and make it last longer than just a couple weeks.

I have two secret weapons that have been keeping my vivid color looking fresh for at least a month and I’m going to share them with you.

Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Guard

How to use: BEFORE you wash your hair, you’ll want to spray this in your hair. I do it before I even hop in the shower. I concentrate on spraying my vivid pieces but then give a couple squirts all over to protect my base color as well. This product actually prevents water-induced fading. And according to their website, it extends your color up to 107%!!! I have found this to be completely accurate! Learn more about this product. 

Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Illuminator

How to use: This is for after you’ve styled. Man, does it make your color pop and shine. If you have baby fine hair like I do, use it sparingly so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. It is a great finishing spray and really seals down the cuticle of your hair so the color stays in longer and your hair shines bright like a diamond. (You just sang that…didn’t you?!?) Learn more about this product.

Where do you get these amazing products??

Lanza is a professional hair care line. Your stylist should be able to hook you up with these products. You can also find Lanza products at Ulta. The entire Lanza line is worth a look – I love their products! I’ve used them for years.

***I am NOT GETTING PAID to share these products with you. I use them and love them! I just wanted to share these amazing products with you because in my opinion, you shouldn’t do vivid color without them.

So, would you do it? Have you done it? Let me know your thoughts on vivid hair color in the comments!

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