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A DIY Virtual Craft Workshop

DIY Virtual Craft Workshop - Craft desk shown on computer

What is a DIY Virtual Craft Workshop?

This DIY Craft Workshop is created virtually to allow you to take some time for yourself without having to leave your home. It is designed to help you release your creativity, have an evening of fun, and create something you can be proud of at the end of our time together.

For this Virtual Craft Workshop, you purchase the Craft Kit for the project you want to make. Then you can join us on Zoom as we create the project together, step-by-step! Maybe you’ll even learn a new technique or create something you never thought you could do on your own!

Who is the Teal Barn Virtual Workshop for?

This workshop is designed for both beginning & seasoned crafters. It’s for anyone who wants (or needs) to take a couple of hours out of their week for themselves and relieve some stress by creating something with their own hands from start to finish. These projects are designed to be fun and simple, with everything you need to create it included in the craft kit!

How do I visit the Teal Barn Virtual Workshop?


Choose your project & date and purchase your project kit

Below, you will find a list of upcoming projects and the dates we will have the live virtual workshop.

Some projects have different options (colors, etc.) so be sure you make your choice before checking out.


Receive your project kit & your Zoom link

Once you have purchased your project kit, you will receive the Zoom link via email.

Project kits will be mailed to you well before the virtual workshop.


Prep your project & your workspace

Sometimes your projects will recommend or require some simple steps to be finished before we meet. Make sure to read the instructions to see if your project will require some prep work.

Also, make sure to grab your favorite drink & snacks to enjoy during our virtual workshop!


Zoom & create with us!

At the scheduled time, grab your kit and your snacks and join us for a night of fun and creating!

Can’t make it to the Zoom? No problem! Your project kit comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions so you will still be able to create the project on your own! 

Upcoming Workshops

March 18th @ 6:30 pm

Purchase before March 8th to ensure enough time for shipping before the virtual workshop.

Project kit numbers are limited.


About the Workshop

Do I have to attend the Virtual Workshop in order to purchase the project kit?

Nope! Although we would love to see you at the Virtual Workshop and can guarantee a good time, we understand that life happens. The project kit comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions so you will still be able to create your project on your own!

Shipping & Returns

Do you offer returns?

Unfortunately, no. Since every project kit is made to order, we do not offer returns. If there is an issue with your kit once it arrives, please email us and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis.