Make Christmas extra special for your partner this year! These Christmas traditions for couples are creative and inexpensive!

Christmas should be a time for making your other half feel loved. And not just a little loved, I’m talking like sugar-plum fairies oozing out of your heart kind of love. But in the midst of all the holiday celebrations, the in-laws, the never ending shopping lists and everything else, it’s usually not the time of year when I spew the most love at my other half. 😬 And I may even be guilty of lashing out irrationally from time to time due to the holiday stress.

Which is why Christmas traditions are so important for couples! Whether or not you have kids, it’s important to spend some time reminding your partner (and yourself!) why you love each other.

Sure, gifts are great, but there are so many other ways that you can show your partner that you love them. And they don’t need to cost a dime! In fact, inexpensive heartfelt traditions are often the most memorable and meanignful!

Here are my five favorite traditions to do as a couple during the holiday season:

Elf on the Shelf Tradition for Couples

elf on the shelf Christmas tradition for couples

Yes, that same damn elf that you have to remember to move every night for your kids can also be used to show love for your partner! Whether you have kids or not, the elf tradition can easily be updated to make it more fitting for an adult. In fact, Pinterest is full of “naughty elf” ideas for the more adventurous couples! But there are also other ways to incorporate that little elf into your Christmas traditions as a couple.

My wife and I have been doing the Elf tradition for about 8 years (before it gained uber popularity!) and it’s actually a lot of fun! Our elf doesn’t move every day or do crazy things like the traditional elf on the shelf does. Instead, we each have an elf and our elves will occasionally pop up with special surprises for the other person.

The surprises don’t need to be elaborate or expensive! Your elf could have a coupon for a free massage, cook a nice surprise breakfast or plan a special movie night for your partner! The possibilities are endless and don’t need to cost a cent. The elf’s main purpose is to do kind things for the other person and to remind them that you love them and are making them a priority this holiday season.

Winter Solstice Celebration for Couples

Celebrate the winter solstice as a couple with a special candlelit dinner

Christmas celebrations are often dominated by family obligations, work parties, commercialism and non-stop hustling and bustling! Quite the opposite, a winter solstice celebration is the perfect excuse to celebrate a quiet and intimate evening with your significant other.

The winter solstice is actually an ancient celebration of the shortest day of the year. Traditionally, people have celebrated the special day to welcome the return of the sun and longer days. It’s a great time to reflect quietly over the past year and to celebrate everything that is to come! It’s also a great way to recharge your internal batteries before Christmas.

Some of the ways that you can celebrate the winter solstice as a couple include having a quiet candlelit dinner together or cuddling by the fire (or fire pit). If you are feeling more adventurous, you can don your headlamps, bundle up and go for an evening walk – it’s amazing how magical things can be on a winter evening! You can also use this time to exchange a small handmade gift. I find that solstice is often a more meaningful time to give your partner a gift and this has become a very treasured tradition for us!

Christmas Book Tradition for Couples

Read a Christmas book together

Reading a book may seem super simple (because it is!) but it can also be very meaningful and intimate tradition. Each year in December, we read The Christmas Box and The Timepiece by Richard Paul Evans. Both of these books are a perfect reminder that we should never take our loved ones for granted!

During December, we set aside about half an hour a night a couple times each week to curl up together and read the books aloud. There is something very special and rejuvenating about setting aside all the electronics and cuddling by the Christmas tree together!

Love Letter Advent Tradition

Write love letters to each other that you can open each day during advent

This is something new that I’ve started this year and I’m really excited about it! I wrote little silly love letters, put them in red and green envelopes and tucked them into the Christmas tree! I wrote a date on each envelope so that my spouse can open one each night leading up to Christmas! This is such an easy way to remind your partner every day how much they mean to you!

“Loan Some Love” Tradition

Loan some love this Christmas by giving a Kiva loan!

Okay, so this tradition isn’t free, but it is unique, heartwarming and anti-consumer! Last year, on Christmas Eve, my wife and I sat down together and picked out and purchased a Kiva loan as a gift from ourselves to a complete stranger.

Kiva loans are awesome! Here’s how they work: Kiva loans allow you to choose someone that is working towards a goal and support them by donating money (as little as $25!) to help them. But, a Kiva loan is different from a regular donation because it gets repaid by the borrower. Once your loan has been repaid, Kiva Loans notifies you and you get to pick a new person to loan it to! And all of your donation goes straight to the people you’re helping, unlike some charities that keep a portion so their CEO’s can buy million dollar houses. 🙄

Last year, we donated to a woman in a small North African community who was trying to start a local dairy – because we are big fans of women farmers everywhere! Our loan was repaid throughout the year and our balance is ready to be donated again. This Christmas Eve, we will sit down together and pick a new person to lend the money to. Pretty awesome, right? Click here to give a Kiva Loan!

Do you and your partner have a special Christmas tradition? Tell us about it in the comments!

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These Christmas traditions for couples are creative and inexpensive!