This easy DIY cat toy makes a great gift for your cat loving friends – or your own cat! Make it using a wooden egg and some twine! 

I know nothing about cats. noooothing! 

But I’m really trying to embrace this whole cat thing since we acquired one about a year ago. She basically just showed up and decided to be our friend and bring us dead things as gifts.

I try to feed our cat little treats all the time but, man, cats are picky! I tried to give her pizza once. Turns out, they don’t like pizza. What the actual heck?! And I wasted like half a slice!! Luckily, a greedy chicken snatched it up and ran around the yard with it for about an hour while her fluffy friends chased her. Not bad for free Friday night entertainment.

Anyways, we thought that this barn kitty would like a buddy… since she was clearly too good for my pizza. 🙄 Our friend volunteers as a cat foster mama with a rescue organization so we have pretty easy access to kitties. (Adopt don’t shop, people! Also, spay and neuter those things. Ain’t nobody got time for a million cats!)

So, we brought home our cute sweet little kitty last weekend. I’m told she is a seal point long-haired Siamese. If you know what any of those words mean, congratulations because you are a better cat person than I am.

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Kitties like toys… apparently!

Anyways, she is an outdoor kitty, so she’s got the whole world to play with. Her current favorite game is trying to climb the phone pole, chasing floating chicken feathers, and clawing at me like I’m a human pin-cushion. I mean that seems like a pretty happy kitty life to me! But, again, I know nothing about cats!

And since I’m trying to embrace my inner cat lady, I realized that some cats have toys to play with that aren’t dangerous phone poles, gross old chicken feathers, and human skin.

Crazy revelation, right?!

So, I scrounged around my craft supplies and found some items that I thought I could turn into some type of fun kitty toy.

The result: the mouse-thingy-that-kitty-chases-instead-of-clawing-my-face toy. Ta-Da!

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

And, of course, you’re gonna want to make your own, too. Cause cats gotta have toys… apparently.

Now, I know you could go out to the store and buy that cat a toy, but I’m pretty sure that cats truly understand and appreciate the value of handmade items. That’s why Cat ETSY is so popular… jk!

You can totally go buy one. BUT these are free if you have the supplies, they make great handmade gifts for the crazy cats and crazy cat people in your life. And you can avoid awkward social interaction by making your own cat toys at home rather than having to go to a store to buy them.  Win-Win-Win, amiright? 🤣

Here’s how to make your own DIY cat toy:


  • Wooden egg
  • Natural twine or jute
  • Curling ribbon, cellophane, feathers or other fun items for the “tail”
  • Pink yarn or felt
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers, pencil or other object to hold twine in place until glue dries

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Make your DIY cat toy:

Step 1: Begin by creating your “tail” using fun items like cellophane, ribbon, curling ribbon, feathers, etc. Tie or secure all your items together.

Step 2: Using your hot glue gun, secure your tail to the wide end of the wooden egg.

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Step 3: Apply a dot of hot glue at the base of the tail and attach the end of your twine. You can use tweezers, a pencil or any other item to hold the twine in place until the glue completely dries.

Step 4: Apply a circle of hot glue around the base of the “tail”. Then, slowly begin wrapping the twine around it in a circular motion. Again, use tweezers or other item to hold the twine in place until the glue dries. (I used my fingers… I wouldn’t recommend this to people but I have very little feeling left in my finger tips, probably from years of hot glue gun abuse)

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Step 5: Continue applying hot glue, one circle at a time, and wrapping the twine into the glue. Once it is dried, apply another circle of glue and continue until you have wrapped the whole egg.

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Step 6: Once you reach the tip of the egg, apply a large amount of glue to securely fasten the twine. Snip the twine and glue down any loose ends.

Step 7 (optional): At this point, you can decide if you would like to wrap another layer of twine over the egg. I decided to do this on one of the mice, but not on the other. It’s hard to tell the difference in the pictures, but I think it does look a little nicer with the second layer of twine.

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Step 8: Cut a small piece of pink yarn or cut a small circle from pink felt for the nose. Use the glue gun to secure it to the tip of the egg, making sure all edges are securely fastened.

Step 9: Use a permanent marker to draw eyes on the mouse.

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Step 10: Enjoy endless hours of entertainment by rolling the little mouse around for your kitty to chase

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Make your kitty this DIY cat toy!

Where my cat ladies at? Have you made toys for your cats? Also, why don’t cats like pizza?!? Give me the deets in the comments!