Grab your free Fall Bucket List then get out and enjoy the beautiful pumpkin-spice flavored world that awaits you!

Hey, you guuuuuys!
(Did you say that in the voice from the Goonies? Cause I definitely did.) Any who….

Hey, you guuuuuys! It’s finally fall!

This will be my 31st fall on this earth. Thirty-one falls! 

Crazy! Like, where did those 30 others go?? A few of them, I remember very well and others, I can’t even recall.

How many falls have you had? And how many of them can you honestly remember?

Time goes too damn fast!

This year, I will make my 31st fall one that I savor, enjoy and remember. I am going to suck every last drop of pumpkin-flavored life out of the season! And as a self-avowed list-lover, a Fall Bucket List seemed more than fitting.

Make it the best Fall ever with this free printable Fall Bucket List!

I’ve found that if I want to be fully present and truly savor this season (something I’m really focusing on this year!), then I need to plan intentionally. Yes, I plan out my fun. I know it seems weird, but it works for me. Life is all about intentions, and I’ve learned that planning is something that truly helps me live more purposefully.

I have started marking out an evening each week each week in my schedule. I call it my “slow living time”. It’s a time to just be present and to enjoy with those I love most. No phone, no email, and no interruptions allowed. Whether it’s drinks around the fire pit, a walk or just baking a special meal, this time is something I am really learning to enjoy and make a priority.

I can’t wait to pick a new bucket list item each week to do during our “slow living time” this fall!   Placing the list in a spot where I see it everyday will also help remind me to spend more time enjoying life. After all, I will never get a 31st fall again!

Click here to download your Fall Bucket List!

Ladies, let’s live it up this season and make it one to remember! And if you need some inspiration to fill up your bucket list, check out our post: 30 Fun Fall Activities to Make the Most of the Season!

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