We all have dreams and we all “wanna be” things in life! It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing! Use our free printable habit tracker and start acting like the queen bee you really are!

I have dreams. You have dreams. We all have dreams. The difference between my dreams and most other people’s dreams is that I’m actually going to achieve mine.

Cocky, right?

Maybe. But here’s the deal: It all comes down to dedication and straight up stubbornness.

I’m not more talented. I’m not smarter. I’m not richer. And I’m definitely not better looking than all those people who attempted to do the same thing but failed.

The only thing that sets me apart from all those people is that I’m more stubborn.

As my very wise wife often quips: “Practice makes permanent”. You can choose what you do each day. And those things that you do over and over again will either create good habits that get you closer to your goals or bad habits that further distract you from it.

Can I get an “amen”, sisters?!

And I’m not talking exclusively about life-changing, ground-shaking dreams and goals. They can be simple things too. Whatever your goal is – however big or little – it starts with one day of work! It starts by creating positive habits!

Stop Being a Wanna-Bee!

A wanna-bee is someone who buzzes around saying silly things like “Oh I would love to have _____, but…” or “I wish that I could ____, but…” or “I really want to be _____, but…”.

They wanna be this and they wanna have that, but they have an excuse for every dream they’ve ever had. And a reason why every goal will never become a reality.

We all know a wanna-bee! Maybe you’re a wanna-bee. I’ve been one. I think from time to time, we all are. Because excuses are easier than work. So we talk about the things we want in life instead of working for the things we want in life.

No more, ladies! We are not wanna-bees! 

We are strong. We are stubborn. We will put in the work. And we will make our dreams and goals become reality!

Five Steps to Achieve Your Goals & Start Acting Like a Queen Bee:

1. Hold yourself accountable:

This is where our printable habit tracker comes in! Because when it comes to achieving your dreams, you are the only one that makes or breaks it! Yes, your friends and family can support your dreams, but they can’t make them happen. That, my dear, is entirely up to you! Which is why you need to hold yourself accountable. No one else is responsible for this!

2. Challenge your excuses:

Every time you tell yourself an excuse (even just in your mind), recognize it and challenge it! Recognizing excuses for what they are retrains your brain away from negativity. It also takes some of the “scary” factor away when you realize it’s just an excuse that you can challenge. Who is stronger than their excuses? You are!

3. Fake it ’til you make it:

Don’t know what you’re doing? It doesn’t matter. Say it again: it doesn’t freaking matter! You will learn how to do the things you need to do in order to succeed. In the meantime, put on your confidence like your brightest shade of red lipstick and do it anyways.

4. Get yourself a power mantra: 

A personal mantra is a simple statement (usually 1-3 sentences) that continually reiterates the achievement of your goals.


  • “I am a published photographer and journalist for National Geographic”
  • “I have a healthy body that I care for and I make myself a priority. I am stronger than I have ever been!”
  • “I own and operate a popular natural-food bakery that benefits my community and brings me deep happiness.”

What you tell yourself is what you become! So tell yourself what you need to hear, not what you are comfortable hearing. It can actually be quite uncomfortable because you feel like you are lying to yourself. But you’re not lying. You are shaping the person you will become.

Write it down. Put it somewhere where you will see it. Say it to yourself 100 times a day if you need to. Keep saying it until you believe it! I promise you, it is powerful!

5. Prepare to fail, and then get up and do it again:

You will fail. But that doesn’t mean “stop”. What sets us apart is our ability to fail and still get up and do it again the next day. Realize that each time you fail and get back up, you are leaving behind hundreds of people who decided not to get up again. Each failure is bringing you closer and closer to achieving what others gave up on. And this, ladies, is your super power!

Free printable daily habit tracker to help you reach your goals sooner!

How to Use Our Queen Bee Habit Tracker:

To help you (and myself) along the way, I’ve created a 4-week habit tracker. Because practice makes permanent!

Use the tracker to hold yourself accountable. Put it in a public spot where people will ask about it and share your intentions with friends and family. But remember, ultimately, you are the only one who can make your dreams come true (yeah, Prince Charming was a lie).

Each color of the honeycomb represents one week: 7 days. Write your goal for the day in each individual honeycomb. Once you achieve it, you can color it in or cross it out depending what you prefer.

Here are some examples:

Free printable daily habit tracker to help you reach your goals sooner!


Free printable daily habit tracker to help you reach your goals sooner!

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Ready to hold yourself accountable and make your goals a reality? Tell us your power mantra in the comments!


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Free printable daily habit tracker to help you reach your goals sooner!