We all need more life in our lives!

You know exactly what I’m talking about… chunks of time that aren’t go, go, go, work, work, work!

Sometimes, life is boring!

We work hard. We take care of our families. We hold it all together.

But what about genuine time to just enjoy? Time to make things, be creative, create memories, laugh, love, and make others feel special? Why the heck aren’t we making more time for that?!

It’s time to mix it up and start carving out more time to actually enjoy life!

Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m a corgi mom who lives in the South Puget Sound area. I am lucky to live on a small farm with my husband (when he’s not working overseas) and right next door to my best friends. In fact, you’ll see Kaylee contribute quite a bit to this And, in case anyone was wondering: one of my life goals is to have enough chickens to lay an entire rainbow of eggs. Yup, remember that for trivia night!

I’ve always needed a creative outlet. When I create something, whether it’s for me or to give as a gift, it makes me happy. Like reeeaaally happy!

I super-duper enjoy the creative process! But more than that, I love knowing that when I make something or plan a fun event for other people that it’s going to brighten their day too!  And, honestly, since my husband has been overseas, creating things has been my saving grace! It allows me to focus on other things – especially when I am missing him.  

Seems silly, right? That something so simple can change my whole mood?! But that’s exactly what it does!

This is how Teal Barn Farm came to be!

I’ve always wanted a super gorg big barn. But not one for animals – they can stay in a different barn! My dream barn is just for me! And it’s an entertaining barn! A place that I can share with others, where I can teach people to create with their own hands and, well, make some shit and spread some love!

I might not have my big ol’ dream barn yet, but that’s not stopping me from making shit and spreading love! Until my dream barn becomes a reality, we’re going virtual!

So, let’s make some shit and spread some love together!

I’ve got loads of ideas for you to be creative. And whether you want to make something or just get an idea for a fun new date night, I’ve got you covered!

I’d love to see you at one of my Virtual DIY Workshops! Check the calendar here.

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