Try these 13 spooky, silly and sexy Halloween date night ideas with your Boo this year! They are sure to spice up your Halloween!


Halloween date night ideas? Ummm, yes please!

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore! I (along with a bunch of other perfectly normal adults!) absolutely adore Halloween! It’s the perfect excuse for adults to act goofy, spooky, and even a bit sexy! And I’m not just talking about dressing up like a slutty mouse (à la Mean Girls) and going to a club…

So what do the rest of us non-sexy-mouse-Halloween-loving adults do during the spookiest time of year? Four words:


Try out one (or all!) of these 13 Halloween inspired date night ideas with your Boo! There’s something for everyone!

And best of all, you can do most of them for cheap or free!  <insert evil laugh here!>

13 Fun, Spooky & Sexy Halloween Date Night Ideas:

Watch scary movies, snuggle and snack

This one is a no-brainer! Scary movies are the perfect opportunity to snuggle a bit closer to your hunny. Plan a scary movie marathon, complete with snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to light the room with candles to really set the mood!

Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Spend the day with your Boo baking treats or making little Halloween gifts. On Halloween, deliver the gifts to your neighbors and friends! This is a fun way to get in on the Halloween night fun, even if you don’t have kids! It’s also really fun to watch the expression on people’s faces when they open the door and you give them something! Hey, you might even score some Halloween candy!

Try out these 13 spooky, silly and sexy date night ideas to spice up your Halloween this year!

Go to a haunted house or corn maze

Ready to scream and hold each other a bit tighter? Then head to a haunted house or haunted corn maze! Make it interesting by betting beforehand on things like who will scream the most, who can run the fastest, who will remain the calmest, who is the “fighter” and who is the “flight-er”. Be sure to wager something fun or maybe even something sexy!

Take a tour of the haunted spots in your hometown

Do a quick internet search to learn about the haunted locations in your hometown. Then, jump in the car and grab some pumpkin spice lattes and snacks! Drive to each of the haunted spots and do your own investigation, if possible. Driving around and visiting new places gives you the perfect opportunity to talk and laugh together.

Try out these 13 spooky, silly and sexy date night ideas to spice up your Halloween this year!

Revisit your childhood Halloween traditions together!

Carve pumpkins, eat Halloween candy, make caramel apples and play board games! Share stories about your favorite Halloween costumes, the scariest thing that happened to you as a kid, etc. Then break out a classic Halloween movie to end the night! Watch “Hocus Pocus” (a must-watch for us Millennials!) and “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”! To add a fun adult twist to the night, make up a fun drinking game for the movie!

Walk though a graveyard

Graveyards can be spooky and romantic all at the same time! Hold hands and take a stroll through a graveyard. Learn about the people buried there and what the gravestone symbols mean. Most of all, use this time to remember to cherish your time together as you remember how short life can be.

Try out these 13 spooky, silly and sexy date night ideas to spice up your Halloween this year!

Have a vintage spooky movie night

Bring out the Vincent Price movies like “House on Haunted Hill” or an Alfred Hitchcock classic like “Rear Window” for a swanky vintage spooky movie night! Sip on martinis and snack on finger food while you watch. If you really want to get into the mood, surprise each other with a little role playing by dressing the part in vintage clothes!

Host a romantic and eerie candle-lit dinner

Romance with a hint of spookiness? Yes, please! Send your “til death do you part” lover a spooky invite to join you for a dinner party for just the two of you! Create a spooky atmosphere using candles, jack-o-lanterns, bats, and other Halloween decor. Dress is black (black lace = even better!) and serve a delicious and romantic Halloween-themed dinner for the two of you to enjoy!

Try out these 13 spooky, silly and sexy date night ideas to spice up your Halloween this year!

Hide and Go Seek

Ready for some spooky fun in the dark? Head outside and play hide-and-seek in the dark using flashlights or glow sticks! If you find a really good hiding spot, turn up the heat once your Boo finds you… just remember to turn the flashlights off first!

Pumpkins Carving with a Twist

Play pumpkin charades! To begin, each of you will write down carving ideas on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. You and your partner will each take a slip of paper and carve what is on the paper. Or, for a fun and sexy twist, play Pumpkin Pictionary! Carve what you want to do with your partner. If your partner is able to decipher your carving, then you have to do what they carved!

Try out these 13 spooky, silly and sexy date night ideas to spice up your Halloween this year!

Dress each other up

Want to dress up this Halloween but have no where to go? Head to the thrift store and play this fun game instead! You’ll each have a pre-determined amount of money to spend to buy your partner a “costume” to wear! It can be spooky, silly or sexy! But no peaking allowed! When you get home, exchange shopping bags and put on the costume your partner bought you! This is a great date night for when you need a good laugh!

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Do you have a favorite Halloween date night idea? Share it in the comments!

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